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Management of Projects

Whatever the size of project you are undertaking the management strategy employed will be fundamental to its success. Management of construction involves planning, programming, co-ordination, supervision and direction. Our skill and experience as Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors makes us ideally suited to successfully discharge this role. Cost, time and quality are the three fundamentals on which our approach is based.

Management of construction projects can take a number of forms.

Please see below for further information regarding our roles:

  • Lead Consultant
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Project Management
  • Employers Agent


Lead Consultant

A simplified form of project management where a member of the design team assumes the Lead Consultant role. In addition to his core discipline he will also guide the client through the construction process, agree timescales for the project and co-ordinate the other members of the design team. Particularly suitable for small to medium size traditionally procured projects


Project Co-ordination

Similar to the role of the lead consultant but with more emphasis on management and co-ordination. In addition to his core discipline the Project Co-ordinator will be responsible for the detailed planning and programming of the works as well as the co-ordination of the design team and contractors. He will be responsible for ensuring the clients instructions are carried out by the team members.


Project Management

Project management usually involves the appointment of a consultant with the sole objective to control and manage the project from start to finish. The Project Manager will therefore be a stand alone, full time appointment, of a consultant independent of the other design team members or contractors. The role is ideally suited to large or complex projects that involve numerous consultants, contractors and subcontractors. The management function on this type of project will involve the use of advanced programming and management techniques. Sometimes the role may be extended to cover the early months or years of the completed scheme to help the client maximise the potential of the completed development.


Employers Agent

The Employers Agent is a role specifically utilised on design and build projects. The function of the Employers Agent is to guide the client through the construction process from start to finish. The role involves the development of the clients requirements for the project, costing advice, early programming and planning and choice of contractors. The Employers Agent will then liaise with and direct the chosen contractor through to the completion of the project.

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