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Building Surveys

There are many reasons to employ a Building Surveyor to carry out a visual inspection of a building. The nature and extent of the survey should be tailored to the Client’s precise requirements. At GNA all surveys are carried out by highly experienced Building Surveyors.

The Chartered Building Surveyor is the industry expert in building form, defects and maintenance.

Please see below for the following advice.

  •  Surveys for Purchasers
  •  Defect investigation
  •  Schedules of Condition
  •  Expert Advice
  •  Repairs and maintenance
  •  Insurance reinstatement
  •  Refurbishment and alteration


Purchaser Reports

When acquiring an interest in a property there are perhaps three fundamental issues to consider: Its current condition; What works may be required to optimise its value, and; The extent of future maintenance and repair liability. Any one or all of these issues can be the focus for such reports.
Our mission at GNA is to provide reliable, clear advice on which to make your purchasing decision.


Defect Investigation

Many problems can occur in property over its life.  Some are minor, others such as subsidence, damp, dry/wet rot, can shorten the life span of the building.  Fortunately, early diagnosis and treatment can extend a building’s life considerably.  The Building Surveyors at GNA specialise in the diagnosis of problems and the specification of remedial works.  We can even organise and supervise the carrying out of the remedial works on your behalf.


Expert Advice

Impartial advice is a key component of dispute resolution.  Whether problems are resolved through negotiation or litigation, the quality of your advice will have a direct bearing on determination of liability.  Whether your dispute is with a landlord, tenant, neighbour or contractor, GNA can act to give you clear, concise, accurate advice.


Schedules of Condition

Circumstances commonly arise where it would be prudent to have a record of the existing condition of a property.  The schedule can then act as a means of establishing or conversely, limiting liability. Common examples are, where work is to be undertaken that may affect existing buildings; or to record a buildings’ condition on acquisition of a leasehold interest.


Repairs & Maintenance

Ranging from assessment of a specific issue through to requirements for comprehensive repair or renovation of complete properties, specialist advice will result in cost-effective solutions.


Insurance Reinstatement Assessments

Both on acquisition of a property and at policy renewal, detailed assessment can commonly result in reduced premiums or, particularly in relation to unusual buildings, assurance that adequate insurance provision is in place


Refurbishment & Alterations

Professional advice at feasibility stage affords the best opportunity to devise cost-effective solutions. Our involvement in preparation of contract specifications and administration of work can also ensure compliance with construction and other statutory requirements.