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Building Surveys

Quite simply, as experienced Chartered Building Surveyors, surveying is what we do best.

However we recognise that there can often be some uncertainty over what type of survey is best suited in an individual situation. 

In some cases, the acquisition of a freehold or leasehold interest in a property may only take place once every several years and can be a daunting and stressful process.  In these situations we are happy to listen to the client and guide them as to the most effective form of due diligence available to them.

In other cases clients may have a very clear idea of the outputs they require and we are happy to discuss and tailor a solution to meet a specific need.


1. Specialist in all commercial survey types

Whatever your commercial survey requirements, our team of Chartered Surveyors are happy to assist and not afraid to get their hands dirty; whether inspecting a roof at high-level or crawling through a dingy cellar.


2. Defect diagnosis

Do you have concerns over a particular aspect of your property, for instance a crack in the wall or a leaking roof?

Buildings are a complex series of inter-related elements, each with their own behaviours and characteristics when exposed to external factors.

Often the symptoms of a defect have their roots in a breakdown of one or more of these elements, some of which may be concealed.  As such effective defect diagnosis requires a holistic understanding of the way in which buildings are constructed, so that the most effective solution can be arrived at.


3. Residential ‘full building surveys’ of prestige properties

Are you looking to purchase a house and wish to commission a full building condition (sometimes referred to as RICS Level 3) survey to fully ascertain its condition?

Whilst we do not undertake ‘Home Buyer’ reports we are able to offer in-depth ‘full’ building surveys on residential properties, most typically suited to prestige or larger properties, or those where there are particular concerns over a certain aspect.

We recognise that investing in a new home is a significant undertaking and our team of Chartered Surveyors are adept at providing the top level of service to help put your mind at ease.