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The Client’s Duties

The client now takes on significantly more responsibility than in previous regulations.

When there is more than one Contractor, the Client has to appoint the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor in writing, crucially, it is now also the Clients responsibility to demonstrate that those appointed are competent and can deliver the CDM.

It is important to emphasise that the new regulations state that the client now has overall responsibility for the successful management of the CDM works and is supported by the Principal Contractor and Principal Designer to this extent.

The Clients responsibilities are:

  • Responsibility for issuing the F10 notification (when notifiable)
  • Must ensure the other duty holders are compliant to the regulations
  • Must ensure there are arrangements in regards to welfare facilities
  • Must provide pre-construction information to the Principal Designer
  • Must ensure a construction phase plan is produced by the Principal Contractor
  • Must ensure the Principal Designer prepares a H&S file
  • If a Principal Designer is not appointed, then the duties of the Principal Designer fall to the Client
  • Domestic Clients duties will fall to the Principal Contractor;

Further information can be found on the HSE website, click here.

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