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Commercial Property Solutions

Commercial Property Solutions

As commercial property specialists, our experienced Chartered Surveyors are adept in assisting clients’ needs and advising on the most appropriate form of professional service based on their stated circumstance.

We appreciate that not all clients will necessarily have a clear picture of the range of professional services available and how these can add value to their built environment assets; whether that be an individual property, an estate or a nationwide portfolio.

1)- Pre-Acquisition Surveys

Are you looking to acquire an interest in a commercial property, whether it be on freehold or leasehold terms?

The acquisition of property is a significant undertaking for any commercial operation, not least because the potential liabilities are such that an element of risk is inevitable.

The most effective way to mitigate this risk is to commission a detailed pre-acquisition survey report to analyse the subject property.  This vital due diligence exercise will then serve to inform the client as to the full implications of such an acquisition, with reporting outputs tailored to the requirements of the individual client.

2)- Dilapidation’s

Click here for further information on our Dilapidation Services

3) – Planned Preventative Maintenance

Are you responsible for the upkeep of a building or buildings and looking to set a budget with confidence for the short, medium and long term?

Planned Preventative Maintenance reports are a key tool in efficient estate management and our team of Chartered Surveyors have a wealth of experience in working with schools, local authorities, governmental departments and property portfolio holders in the private sector to plan their ongoing maintenance liabilities.

4) – Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Are you responsible for maintaining insurance cover for your commercial property assets?

A reinstatement cost estimate of your built environment assets is vital for ensuring that adequate coverage is allowed for in your insurance policy – a calculation which should be renewed periodically to reflect the market.

Whether your policy covers a single building or a wider portfolio, our team of Chartered Surveyors have the expertise to offer you the peace of mind that your reinstatement values are sufficiently robust, without over-insuring.