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The Principal Designer’s Duties

A method to understanding the new Principal designer (PD) role is simply to view the role as a designer, with aspects of the former CDM-C’s duties.

It is important to recognise that the Principle Designer is NOT a direct replacement of the previous CDM-C role.

The Principal Designer’s Duties are:

  • To plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate all matters in regards to health and safety.
  • To assist the client in the provision of pre-construction information, therein providing pre-construction information to every designer and contractor   appointed (or being considered for appointment)
  • To liaise with the Principal Contractor for the duration of the PD’s appointment and share all relevant information in regards to planning, management and monitoring of the construction phase and coordination of health and safety thereof.
  • Assist the Principal Contractor in preparing the Construction Phase Plan
  • To prepare the Health and Safety file during the pre-construction phase, consistently updating an reviewing to reflect additional work and relevant changes
  • To pass the H&S file to the Client at the end of the works, however if the appointment finished prior to the completion of works, the information is to be passed to the Principal Contractor.

Further information can be found on the HSE website, click here

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