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The Principle Contractor’s Duties

Whilst previously under CDM 2007, a Construction Phase Plan was only required when a project was notifiable, this is no longer the case.

Below is a summary of the newly amended responsibilities for Contractors / Principal Contractors.

  • Construction Phase Plan now required for all projects
  • No additional duties are given upon notification
  • A Principal Contractor is appointed where this likely to be more than one contractor
  • Has responsibility for completing the H&S file if the PD appointed finishes before the end of the works.

How can we assist you?

  • Assisting you in fulfilling the Client duties and assist you with the preparation and production of construction phase plan (required for all construction projects including domestic client)
  • Assist you with the creation of Fire plans / risk assessments / method statements
  • Assisting you with your legal requirement to provide information, instruction, training and supervision

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