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Aspect Air Solutions 

As part of a strategy to expanding the surveying area of our business we have established an aerial drone surveying facility.

Trading under the name ‘Aspect Air Solutions’ we can now offer our Clients the opportunity to benefit from the ability to safely view, inspect and survey areas that were previously inaccessible without specialist and expensive access equipment.

Using the latest drone technology and operated by RICS qualified surveyors we can incorporate flight data and aerial photos into our reports to ensure a comprehensive survey of the property.

Recently Aspect Air has expanded into creative and promotional media with the assistance of our qualified graphic designer staff.

Please visit the site at for further information or also feel free to contact us here at GNA Surveyors and speak to Mark Adams.

Below is an example of the capabilities of our DJI Inspire 2 drone:

Demolition of a former factory in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire

Surveying of a disused Wind Pump in Norfolk

An early morning flight over the Nottingham Suspension Bridge