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Principle Design Consultant

Principal Design Consultant

We understand that taking on the additional CDM duties atop of your considerable responsibilities as a designer or as a Client finding your feet, will be challenging.

We at GNA know first hand what this responsibility entails and are on hand to assist you in a consultancy capacity or even take on this responsibility entirely so you can concentrate on the project.

The provision of the Principal Designer role (Direct to Clients).

  • Co-ordinating the work of others in the project team to ensure that significant and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the design process
  • Discuss the risks that should be addressed during the pre-construction phase
  • Decide on the control measures to be adopted; agree the information that will help in preparing the construction phase plan
  • Ensuring everyone involved in working on the pre-construction phase cooperates with each other and establish that effective communication is occurring and that information is shared within the project team
  • Assist the client with their duties to provide pre-construction information
  • Assist the Principal Contractor with the preparation of the Construction Phase Plan
  • Prepare the health and safety file, reviewing, updating and revising it as the project progresses.


We can also provide consultancy services to designers appointed as Principal Designer

  • As per the Principal Designer services above but as a nominated sub-consultant to the designer with control over the pre-construction who will be appointed as the “Principal Designer” to fulfil the Principal Designer role on their behalf.

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