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Dilapidation Schedules

If you have an interest in a leasehold property it is essential to have an understanding of its condition, and your obligations under the lease for it’s upkeep.

Tenants considering entering into a lease, or already renting a property, should make themselves fully aware of the condition of the building and maintenance liabilities written into the lease. Landlords will want to ensure that their tenants are fulfilling their repair and maintenance obligations under the lease.

Schedules of Dilapidations and lease agreements are the key documents for any rental agreement. Whether a landlord or tenant it is vital to know what you are entering into, as mistakes can be very costly.

The Building Surveyors at GNA are highly trained to RICS standards and have years of experience in dealing with landlord and tenant building issues.

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  •  What is a Schedule of Dilapidations
  •  Benefits for Landlords
  •  Benefits for Tenants
  •  Liability advice